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High Impact Projects (UGHIPs)

Learning from the pandemic, UNIMAS Global International Office introduced the UNIMAS Global High Impact Project Initiatives (UGHIPs) to develop robust and adaptable international programmes that can withstand unprecedented contexts. UGHIPs’ framework consists of three independent components that can function separately or in tandem.
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International Student Management

The International Student Management (ISM) focuses on the wellbeing and welfare of UNIMAS international students.
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Global & Strategic Partnership

Initiate and facilitate bilateral and multilateral linkages and partnership with renowned institutions worldwide.

Facilitate and monitor all activities conducted as per the MoU or MoA with international partners.
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Student Mobilities

UNIMAS encourage their students to partake in UNIMAS mobility programmes and welcome international researchers from partner institutions to do research collaborations, knowledge sharing and research attachment at their preferred institutes or faculties.​
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