Please contact the UNIMAS Health Centre (PKU) at 082-581610 or 016-8991977 (Dr Desmond).

You will be contacted by the relevant authorities should you were identified as close contact. If you are not contacted but you are a close contact, please identify yourself to our UNIMAS Health Centre by giving them a call at 082-581610 / 016-8991977 (Dr Desmond)

Once MCO is lifted, you are given 90 days to return to UNIMAS. Upon arrival, please present yourself with the necessary documentation for renewal at UNIMAS Global office immediately. Please take note that you are given 30 days to renew your visa.

Once MCO has been lifted, please present yourself with the necessary documentation for renewal at UNIMAS Global office immediately. Please take note that you are given 14 days to renew your visa.

We will provide any required documentation and arrange for transportation. This is subject to any changes on the law of the land.

Please contact your embassy to check if you are allowed to fly back to the home country. You also need to obtain a permission from the police before purchasing any flight. You may purchase your flight once you receive green light from your embassy and the police to return. Kindly inform UNIMAS Global on the details of your flight by filling in Returning to Home Country E-Form for us to coordinate your transportation and required documentation.

As of today, there is no information on any reduction of tuition fees. (Note: This information will be updated from time to time).

No movement is allowed for inter-city, inter-district, or inter-state unless you are working in an essential services or in-transit.

Please contact the UNIMAS Health Centre (PKU) at 082-581610 / 016-8991977 (Dr Desmond). Alternatively, you may go to the nearest panel clinic. Please remember to bring your passport and healthcare card.

By moving to Rafflesia during the MCO, you will be receiving three times food aid daily from UNIMAS. No hostel fees will be charged for the accommodation until the MCO is lifted. Please note that the reallocation is only applicable to those without any family member who is living outside of UNIMAS residential college.

You may email the Students Affairs Department and inform UNIMAS Global. They will respond to the request on case-to-case basis.

The UNIMAS food aid is eligible once for each non-resident student. If you have received the dry food aid during the first phase, you are not eligible to apply for the next one. This is subject to changes in the policy.

A WhatsApp group has been created for daily updates on this matter. If you are not in the group, please send a message to any of our international officers to request to be added in.

Yes, please refer to the following link for an updated academic calendar for postgraduates:

No, the personal bond can only be returned after the confirmation of completion of study. It is an assurance of your ability to sustain your living in Malaysia.

To open an account, please wait until MCO is lifted.

No. UNIMAS has closed the campus for the safety of student during the MCO. Please bear in mind that in the event that you are caught by the authority outside campus, you will be fined RM1000 or 3 months jail or both. For urgent matters, please obtain permission to go out from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) before leaving the campus.