Established in 2017 with the merging of the Chancellery Office and the International Affairs Division, UNIMAS Global plays an important role in the university's event management, protocol, promotions, branding and corporate relations activities. Apart from that, the International Office's role in building strategic connections around the globe as well as promotional activities were also incorporated to ensure UNIMAS presence globally remain strong and relevant.

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The team at UNIMAS Global are a group of dedicated and experienced individuals that complimented each other in managing the university's event management, protocol, promotions, branding, corporate and international relations activities. The synergy generated ensures UNIMAS Global staffs are able to coordinate various task and activities effectively.

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UNIMAS has close collaborations and partnerships with a number of universities, research organisations and institutions worldwide.

Some are International university partnerships, developed to enhance the institution’s position as a globally connected University. Others are local collaborations covering a range of academic disciples, research and other more specific endeavours.

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